Styles Haury’s Latest Single “Busy Man” Is The Reminder We All Need

Sara Custance – Raised Rowdy Contributor

We are all used to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and often times forget to slow down and take it all in. Consumed with the need to stay busy, we sometimes let the best moments pass us by. Often all it takes to remind us to pay more attention to what is happening here and now, is a smile from a stranger or call from an old friend. Sometimes all it takes is a song. Styles Haury gave us that song, that reminder, with his latest single ‘Busy Man.’

The single was released just four months after his EP ‘Wild Out Here’ and really hits home with everything going on in 2020. The song was penned by Styles and two of Nashville’s best, Shane Minor and Jordan Fletcher. Together the three have a long list of relatable tracks that they’ve written for artist like Justin Moore, Chris Young, Jamey Johnson, Jon Pardi, and Muscadine Bloodline.

The melody sways to a smooth groove and hits hard at the chorus while the lyrics speak to the soul. Top that off with the classic Styles rasp and you got yourself a summertime jam you can’t stop spinning.

Hey busy man, don’t stay so busy man
Make time for the things that matter
You can’t turn the tick tock backwards
Take it from a busy man, you’re sure gonna miss it man
Cause before you know, you’re gonna wish you weren’t so busy man

With all the crazy life brings and the uncertainty of tomorrow, this was the perfect time for Styles to drop “Busy Man” and bring attention to the things that really matter most. Take it from the self-proclaimed ‘busy man’ himself; live in the moment, spend time with the ones you love and never take the little things for granted.

We’ve been fans of Styles from early on, and  it is great to see that with each release he gains more traction. Big things are coming for him and his team and we can’t wait to be front row watching it all go down.

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