“Drink Alone” Could Be the Song to Put Daniel E. Johnson on the Map

Raised Rowdy Contributor- Katelyn Law

Undeniably authentic. Eclectic. Stimulating. Georgia grown, Nashville-based artist Daniel E. Johnson brings these words to life through his unique perspective as a singer/songwriter. Daniel connects with his audience by combining a classic country sound with a new era twist, ultimately carving out his own lane for an edgy musical experience. His influence of 90’s greats and current icons can be heard and experienced live in his invigorating and show stopping live shows that continue to keep audiences on their feet. Which is something that Daniel hopes to continue with the upcoming release of his brand new single “Drink Alone”

“Drink Alone”, with its feel good lyrics and sing along chorus, is the perfect song to introduce listeners to Daniel’s down home persona. Written by Daniel and top songwriter Ray Fulcher, who also co-produced the track, “Drink Alone” brings a modern flair to a traditional honky-tonk song. The audience is sure to be swaying to this foot tapping melody and singing along with this perfect Friday night go to.

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