Sean Stemaly Releases New Small Town Hit “As Far As I Know”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

The writing has been on the wall that Sean Stemaly has that “something special” that makes folks turn their head and listen when he plays.  Our crew started seeing it two years ago when we first heard his single “Drunk Kissin”, but Sean and his team have really been stepping their game up since then.  After some streaming hits with “Georgia”, “Back on a Backroad”, “Last Night All Day” and “Come Back To Bed” we have been waiting impatiently for even more new tracks.

With those single releases Sean has given us so far we can see the versatility in his sound and song selection.  His tracks range from fun party anthems to sultry songs to keep the ladies enthralled, Sean does a great job of understanding what his growing fan base really wants.  And with top notch production from Joey Moi and Derek Wells each song sounds unique, but also helps carve out what is becoming to form as Sean’s signature sound.

His newest track that was just released “As Far as I Know” is another hook driven hit about the lifestyle that Country fans can relate to.  He used “As Far As I Know” to tell about the small town roots that hold back a good ole boy from chasing a girl too far. Be it physical distance or emotional distance either can be a cause for dismay with someone you are really digging on. Each coming with their own set of obstacles that need to be overcome.

The track, that was penned by some all-star Nashville writers Jameson Rodgers, Hunter Phelps and Justin Wilson, really hits on the idea of hoping a small town boy is enough to keep the girl from leaving home for possibly greener pastures. Everyone has lived inside of that head-space of wondering just waiting for something to go wrong or change.

Overall this is another great weapon in Sean and his band’s arsenal to draw in new fans and keep the one’s he has already caught the attention of.  We have a feeling his music while it continues to grow will tell even more of his story and really carve out his sound.

The sky is the limit for Sean and his career, so if you don’t already make sure you follow him on social media.  He is very engaging with fans and knows how to captivate a crowd at is life shows.

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