New Music Friday July 10th

Hey y’all, big week for country music this week, with some absolute Raised Rowdy favourites releasing quite a few new songs. Let’s jump on in.

As Far As I Know – Sean Stemaly

“Can’t think of nothing that would be worse, than the thought of me losing her, ‘cause she’s the best there is, as far as I know.”

Kicking off the week with one of my favourites, Sean Stemaly has finally released a new song. There’s something about this song that reminds me of real country. Written by some awesome names – Hunter Phelps, Jameson Rodgers and Justin Wilson – Stemaly could never disappoint. Keeping with the theme of country boys loving their small towns, he would have no idea what to do if his girl left the town, “I just hope the county line is as far as she goes”, because he couldn’t chase her then.


Still Not over You – Brinley Addington

“I’m still missing you like crazy, I still think about you baby, every night and every day you know I wish you hadn’t left me, like you left me when you left me, baby, I was not expecting letting go to be this hard to do”

Out a few days ago, I had to include new Brinley Addington. It was the title of this song that drew me to it, because who doesn’t love a good heartbreak song. “Still Not over You” is a little country rock and really riles me up when I listen to the chorus. I can predict I’ll be having this one on repeat.


In God and Trucks We Trust – Tyler Booth

“From behind that wheel, of that american steel, we sweat and work… We’ll be rollin high, sitting side by side, pretty girls in jeans, hair in the breeze, hangin’ on tight”

If you needed your country fix, this is where y’all gonna get it. I see it as a love song for the country, as he describes everything about that way of life. It’s patriotic and twangy and I love how Booth’s voice is that of one of a real man.  It makes me wish I could find a small town to call home, because damn it sounds like a good time.


Here On Earth – Tim McGraw

“Nine months later your breathing, and you’re the reason, they’re here on earth”

How cool to have a couple new Tim McGraw songs out these last few months. He was the first country artist I discovered over ten years ago, and he is still going. Today was meant to mark the start of his Here On Earth tour, but unfortunately, due to COVID-19, and like many other planned tours, it has been cancelled. If you were meant to be going, you can turn this one up, and still feel grateful we are all here going through this together.


Somewhere Else – Carly Rogers

“Drinking all this whiskey, mixed up with a Whitley song, should have known it was gonna hit me, night after night alone, no I wouldn’t call it good timing, there’s a time for everything, but I caught a conversation, through the smoke I heard him say…”

Drinking, smoking and overhearing bar conversations, Carly Rogers sings about how you better hold onto that one you love, because when you lose them, someone else will be holding them instead, and you’ll be just “someone, somewhere else”.



Turn Back Time – Muscadine Bloodline (EP)

“You had nine weeks to sneak off of somebody’s property, neither of you could care less about the trespassing sign, something else on your mind. You played the CD you burned her that summer and put it on repeat while you were just riding around, ‘til she had to leave town”

Hell yeah, there has been so much Muscadine Bloodline lately and I’m absolutely loving it. Today they have released a whole new EP, Turn Back Time, with four new songs on it. My favourite has to be “First Love Back” as it sings, as the name suggests, of a first love, and how they always stick by you, but half the beauty is that you can’t get it back, no matter how bad you want it. But, like all Muscadine Bloodline songs, the whole EP is amazing, and has really made my morning. There are some seriously talented songwriters on this one.


Quick, Fast, In A Hurry – Rascal Flatts Ft. Rachel Wammack

We said we wouldn’t talk, that we’d been around the block a million times, hello, goodbye, we’re low, we’re high, we’re on and off, just like that, we fell in love again, just like that it all blew up but, if you break down and call me up, yeah, just like that we can pick it up”

The latest from Rascal Flatts new EP, to be released at the end of this month (31 July), this is a catchy, sweet love song, about being on and off with someone, but still being incapable of resisting them. Rachel Wammack’s voice seriously compliments those of Rascal Flatts’ and it’s getting me excited to hear what else they have in store this month.


And that’s all I’ve got for the week, but damn are these songs going to keep me going.  We’ll be adding these to the Raised Rowdy New Country playlist so follow along, and discover your new favourite artists.

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