Noah Hicks Brings the “IT” Factor to Country Music


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Taylor Morrison – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Last week I got to sit down and ask long-time Raised Rowdy-supported artist, Noah Hicks, a couple of questions on his latest single, “Drinking Alone”, his brand-new music video, his start in country music, and some inspirations in the business:
Taylor: What was your story behind writing ‘Drinking Alone’ with Tyler Chambers and Brian Fuller?
Noah: “I had the idea of “Drinkin’ Alone” before i came into the write that day and when i brought that idea up we all knew we wanted to write it. It’s just a different look on drinking by yourself and the idea was really behind a girl but I’ve had a couple people say it reminded them of a loved one which is super cool to me because I didn’t even look at it that way.”

Taylor: What made you want to become a country music artist?
Noah: “I have been in love with music my whole life but the thought of writing songs and then singing them songs to people who are singing them back to you is just a crazy feeling that i really can’t explain. It’s literally like a drug.”
Taylor: Who is your dream collaborator?
Noah: “My dream collaborator would probably right now have to either HARDY or Ernest. I would do a song with either one of those guys but the collaboration I really wanna do is to just get in a room and write and learn from those two dudes.”
Taylor: What inspires you to sit down and write a song?
Noah: “Writing for me is done best in co-writes. Rarely do I sit down by myself and write. I’ll come up with maybe a verse or melody to a chorus that I’ll bring to the next write. Not saying i haven’t ever written a song by myself but I just write better I believe in a room with other writers. Can toss around more ideas.”
Taylor: Who’s career do you admire most and hope to pattern yours after?
Noah: “I would really like to see a career like Luke Combs.. not only just selling out arenas but just to have his real, solid, GIGANTIC fan base of his. He has done an incredible job with that and that’s what makes his career one I’d love to have.”
Taylor: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given since entering the country music industry?
Noah: “Fans Firsts. That’s my motto that I live by when it comes to my music career. Fans are the ones that listen to your music, buy your merch, and come to your shows. Fans are the most important voice any artist can listen too.”
Taylor: What was it like to shoot your first music video?
Noah: “Shooting my first music video was super freaking cool. I’ve been on a set once before with Wales helping out another artist with their video so to actually be the one in front of the camera was a very surreal feeling. It was kinda difficult for me to settle in but Wales directing was easy to follow and made the process more fun than work.”

Taylor: What’s next for Noah Hicks?
Noah: “I plan on having “Party On The Farm” this fall sometime, we have a date but it’s a secret. New music is definitely on the way so i’ll be having some cool announcements soon.”
Noah hit us with his THIRD single, “Drinkin’ Alone”, following his debut single, “Raised On The Radio”, and sophomore single “It Ain’t Me”. If there’s anything for certain it’s that Noah has the IT factor for a new and upcoming country artist. I, for one, am very eager to see where his career goes.
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