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Izzi Raised Rowdy Contributor

So, forgive me, but I’m a little late to the party this week. As I got a little too rowdy and distracted last night, I couldn’t hit the midnight write. But the good news is I’ve had all day pumping these songs on repeat, so I know exactly what I want to say about them.


Broken Up – Mitchell Tenpenny

“I don’t know what to do about it, I’m layin’ in bed about it (I’m layin’ in bed about it), yeah, tryina keep my cool about it, get up out my head about it”

Hell yeah lets kick off the week with my most anticipated song of the week. This one is written with Tenpenny’s buddies Devin Dawson, Ernest (my fave songwriter) and Kyle Fishman. And it absolutely does not disappoint. A classic heartbreak song, if you’ve ever been in the position where you were the one to break it off but somehow you’re still the one who can’t get over it. This one has been on repeat so much today I already know the words.


Everything to Lose – Old Dominion

“We got our own little groove that I’m loving the sound of, spending all night spinning around, stripping it down to the basics with you and me. So let’s leave this bar, this band, these lights, this town, this drink, your friends, my friends, our phones, all track of time and a little sleep too, we got everything to lose”

This one came as a surprise. A late addition to their most recent album Old Dominion, they teased it on Instagram earlier this week. It’s a tropical, catchy, upbeat love song that speaks perfectly to how I’m feeling about my latest crush right now. Never heard before, and living up to how great Old Dominion are, this has kept me in a great mood all day at work.


If That Ain’t God – Chris Young

I took a prayer then looked out the window pane at the sunrise man only he could paint it got me thinking about all my crazy years and the miracles y’all that got me here, make a grown man wanna cry happy tears”

Young’s latest song a little religious but in the best way. It’s all about appreciating the good things in life and all the small moments you can be so grateful for if you take the time. Believer or not, it’s a song to make you appreciate what you’ve got.


Seaside – Billy Currington

“I can see a boardwalk, bare feet, a shoreline, honey in a two piece sippin something sweet, ain’t trying to come off wrong, but your body would look better with some beach on it”

Billy has been around for quite some time. He always makes me think of the ocean and sunshine and endless daiquiris on the beach, and I think this song perfectly encapsulates it. This song is also pretty sexy, and makes me wish I were on holiday with a summer love.


Flyin’ My Country Flag- Craig Campbell

“If you like a little twang with a backbeat, and a steel guitar sliding around, if you like a little feel good music, that’ll make you roll your windows down”

Okay, if for some reason, you weren’t getting enough country this week (crazy), you will be now. I honestly don’t think I could describe this song better than the lyrics do. This song is damn near getting me ready to party (as it’s already Friday night here in Australia) and I’m now forcing my whole pre-drinks party to listen to it.


And with that, I gotta make another drink, and get out there. We’re super lucky down here to have very few Corona cases so life is returning back to normal, and partying IRL is now an option. You can be sure that I’m in charge of the playlist, and these songs are all I’m playing tonight.


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