Hayden Coffman Just “Might Be” Singing About the Love of Your Life

Trey Bonner Raised Rowdy Videographer and Contributor

I had the pleasure of recently seeing Hayden Coffman play post-quarantine at the Local for Nashville’s Most Wanted hosted by Cody Purvis.  I have seen Hayden play before and he always puts on a top notch performance but something felt different this time.  Hearing Hayden play his newest single “Might Be” gave me absolute chills.

“Might Be” was written by Coffman, Drake Freeman and Chandler Brown.  Coming off steam from several badass singles also written with Drake and Chandler, I am convinced that every time these guys get in a room together they write nothing but hits.  

This newest single has twangy catchy production done by Grady Saxman.  This song talks about the different scenarios that you might be in with your newest love. I am sure that all y’all can relate.

“Girl you might be sitting right here beside me, the girl I see in my dreams”

“I might not be what you think you need but then again I might be” 

AMEN ^ That is exactly what I will be telling girls in Midtown this Summer. 

Hope y’all enjoy this one!

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