Hear Eric Church’s New Single from the Perspective of One of the Writers: Jeffrey Steele

Katie Vorderer Raised Rowdy Contributor

At the time of this publication, we don’t know too much more about Eric Church’s upcoming music other than, as he puts it: “it kicks like a mule”. If you’re anything like us at Raised Rowdy, you’ve spent a lot of this quarantine watching livestreams on Facebook, Instagram and Zoom. One such live stream gave a sneak peak of what we can expect from Church’s debut single on the new album which he has described as “the tip of the spear for what’s coming after—and it’s going to be a big spear”. Jeffrey Steele was a co-writer on the first single off of Church’s upcoming seventh studio album. He quietly debuted “Stick That In Your Country Song” on a Facebook live on May 9th just after the twenty-eight minute mark. This version gives us a taste of the raw energy that Eric Church embodies in his live show and makes it immediately clear that this album hasn’t been undersold when he described it as some of his best work.

We’re looking forward to talking about Church’s recording soon, as it is set to debut at 6AM EST on Thursday morning, but until then as huge fans of songs from the varying perspectives of the different writers involved in creating them, we’re excited to share Steele’s take on “Stick That In Your Country Song”.

If you missed it scroll ahead to right around the 28 minute mark to hear the new song! 

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