Dustin Huff Tells Us All to Slow Down in New Single “Takin’ it Slow in a Fast World”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

Dustin Huff is one of our favorite folks in Nashville. Dustin keeps his country roots and family close to his heart and you can hear it in his music.  His tunes lean on the good times of your young 20’s and reminiscing about what makes Dustin Huff well Dustin Huff.  From the sound of his music, that is being raised by and around good folks and having the values that a great family provides you, not missing the small details that really end up being what makes life worth living.

This new single by Huff “Takin’ it Slow in a Fast World” is no departure from what his fans are used to hearing.  His vocals help tell the believable story that the track sprawls out.

Dustin told us that he “Wrote this song right before the quarantine days. Just a fun tune about how I live my life. Turn the TV off, turn this song on, crack open a cold beer, and take it slow”.  A simple statement and life mantra leads to the repeatable lines and good vibes that this track brings and at a time that we sure could all use a little bit of a good time.

The track was written by Dustin, Joe Costa (Of Joe and Martina), Tim Cote and Brendan Roberts with production and mastering from Joe Costa and Ben Watts.

Dustin’s life and the stories he writes about are generally a breath of fresh air for hard times.  He gives us some songs to give us a reason to smile and honestly that has a lot of value in our world over here at Raised Rowdy.

So give Dustin’s words some thought. Stop and smell the roses, tell the folks you love that you do and mean the words you tell people.  Take it slow in a fast world. It might just be what you need to keep going on.

Drums: Grady Saxman
Electric Guitars: Sol Philcox-Littlefield
Bass: Paul Amundson
Acoustic Guitars: Joe Costa
Background Vocals: Bruce Gillespie
Programming: Ben Watts
Arranger: Sean Pauley

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