Cam Spinks Releases New EP – Leave Me Alone

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

Cam Spinks Releases New EP – Leave Me Alone

Cam Spinks is one of those artists that when you hear him and his brand of Country music you just get a strange feeling. It is almost a sort of confusion.  You are confused because the idea that this man and his music are not being heard by WAY more ears is dumbfounding.  Cam’s last EP Got It from My Daddy was one of the rawest and truest collection of tunes I had listened to last year and his newest project we are talking about today is really strong as well.

Cam and his team really cleaned up the vocals on this EP and it makes the tracks seem a lot more similar to what you would hear on Country radio, but with those same simple yet touching lyrics and melodies Cam is known to his fans for.

Cam gave us a breakdown of each of the tracks.

“Leave Me Alone” – “I wrote this song with the “lingering ex” in mind. There’s nothing more annoying that someone breaking your heart and trying to stay in your life afterwards. Or worse yet – be your friend.

“No One To Impress” – “I wrote this song about five years ago when I lived in Nashville. I woke up one morning on the living room couch after a night of pure debauchery. I looked around the room and scribbled the lyrics down on a pizza box lid. Took only a couple minutes. It kind of speaks for itself lol.”

“Wish It Was Mine” – “I think most people are reluctant to admit that they can be irrationally jealous sometimes. This song is an honest and pointed confession. Let’s be real – no one likes to think about their significant other being with someone else.”

Cam tells us that this is not close to the end of his 2020 new music releases.  He plans to keep dropping new singles all year and honestly that is literally music to our ears.

Artists like Cam don’t make music just to get famous or pander to something they are not.  Cam Spinks makes music because that is who he is.  He is honest, loyal, passionate and his music shows all of those details.  And I myself as well as the other fine folks at Raised Rowdy think the world needs as much of that as we can get. So Thank you Cam for baring you heart song after song for us to hear. You keep making great music and we will keep telling everyone that will listen about it.


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