Jake Hoot holding daughter in the air

The Voice Winner, Jake Hoot, Releases Heart Warming Father’s Day Song

Jake Hoot holding daughter in the air

It’s usually the father who receives a gift on this day dedicated to dads, but this year Jake Hoot, Season 17’s winner of The Voice is switching it up. Instead, Hoot wrote a song dedicated to his 5-year-old daughter Macy, “The Best Job I Ever Had” released Friday.

“The song is about all these different requirements that go into a job and applying those to being a parent,” says Hoot.

The idea came to Hoot after a friend asked him what it was like being a new dad. “It’s the most incredible thing ever. I’m madly in love with this little girl, but it’s the hardest job I’ve ever done. You’re working around the clock to be a parent,” Hoot explains.

While Hoot’s no longer a new dad, parenting still has its challenges especially when you work in the music industry. He says it’s hard because it can be chaotic and unpredictable. “Anytime I’m pulled away from her. It breaks my heart.”

His daughter Macy recently turned five. He said it’s been a blessing watching her grow and her personality develop. “The time that I do have I want to spend every second with her,” Hoot said.

Hoot co-wrote the song with Conner Rand. The music video is set to release Saturday at 7:00 am CT and was directed by Alejandro Medina of 3rd Lion Productions. Make sure you check it out for a special tribute to all the Dads out there.

So it’s safe to say when you’re creating your Father’s Day Instagram caption, you can pull a line right from this tear-jerker.

“The Best Job I Ever Had” especially resonated with Hoot during quarantine because he wasn’t out on the road performing. He got to spend a special time with his daughter that may not have happened otherwise. “Spending time with my daughter was the biggest blessing out of all the quarantine madness,” Hoot gushed.

To say Jake Hoot stayed busy during quarantine is an understatement. Not only did he get extra quality time with his daughter and dedicate a special Father’s Day song to her, but he also released ANOTHER SONG, “Dangerous Thing.” A country/rock infusion that anyone can relate to. “Dangerous Thing” was co-written by Dave Pahanish and Dillon Dixon.

Jake hoot looking to the left | Dangerous Things

Hoot said releasing music during quarantine can be a gamble, but the feedback he’s received from fans makes it all worth it.

“Dangerous Thing” is about how opening yourself up to someone and loving them is dangerous.

“You’re investing your love, time, and everything else into this person,” Hoot said.

Isn’t that the truth, Jake!!

We’re definitely adding these two Jake Hoot songs to our quarantine playlist or if you’re becoming stir crazy like us, our road trip playlist.

And if it’s a road trip you’ve got planned then watch out for an upcoming show because Jake Hoot is ready to hit the road again and share his music with people across the country.



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