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Welcome back to another week y’all. There are some awesome songs out, and also some really emotional ones. Read on to discover some insights, reviews, lyrics and links to all the newest mainstream songs this week, a couple hours early from Australia. 

If I Was a Bar – Matt Stell

“I’d have an all night happy hour, with the coldest beer in town, La-Z-Boys for barstools and taps that don’t run out. I’d have every kind of whiskey and that red wine you don’t like, the kinda place you’d never be caught dead inside.”

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. What a great song to wake up with! There’s a lot more Rock and this is a wild song. Stell sings of his dream bar that, most importantly, his ex would never step foot in. If he were a bar he wouldn’t be feeling this heartbreak. This song is equally witty, smart and funny while still somehow managing to talk about heartbreak. I love the thought of having La-Z-Boys instead of bar stools!

Build Me a Daddy – Luke Bryan

“A boy walks past a window of a glowing open sign, full of wooden toys and trucks and painted trains. Rings a bell up on the counter, hands a picture up to the man, of a kid beside a soldier smilin’ away, said sir I’ve heard that you can build anything…”

Damn this song really tugs on the heartstrings. I can’t imagine this being sung in any voice other than Luke’s, he always knows how to do the hard topics. Be prepared before this one.

Bad at Goodbye – AJ Gatio feat. Tana Matz

“And now I’m in your bed, and your kissing up on my lips as you say to me we can’t keep doing this. But I know you and you know me and we both know it’s “see you later” every time I leave”

This is a really relatable song for me, and probably most, who can say they’ve been stuck in one of those relationships that you just can’t seem to end. It makes me think of when you drink a little too much and call up that person you know you shouldn’t. And they know they shouldn’t answer it, but they do anyway. According to his Instagram, this song was written four years ago, but I wish it was out sooner! If you haven’t heard this up and coming artist from Nashville, you should, as he has a really unique voice.

Just for Now – Maren Morris

“You don’t have to be the answer to a question that’s gonna save my life, don’t need a saviour, I’m just saying, I don’t want to say goodnight”

A late addition to Maren’s record breaking 2019 album GIRL, the coolest thing about this song is she wrote it with Ryan Hurd before they were even together. And look at them now, married with a new baby. I guess they always had magic between them, and this song just goes and proves it all over again.

Rock and Roses – Levi Hummon

“Where you at? where you been? Do you think about when we were more, anymore, or am I just your ghost? And I can’t wake up, now I can’t sleep, cause I picture us somewhere in a dream, me on my knee, you in a dress, our first little house and a white picket fence”

A song full of regrets. I think almost every relationship I’ve had I’ve felt like this at some point – wondering what would have happened if you really had given it a proper chance, and if you’d really given it all. It’s the never knowing that can torture you. I also love this song title, with ‘rock’ referring to the diamond ring he should have given her. If you like Hunter Hayes, you’ll love Levi Hummon.

The Man Who Loves You Most – Zac Brown Band

“I hope you find a guy that treats you right, on your wedding night I’ll raise a toast, hope he understands, I’ll always be the man, who loves you the most”

This is clearly a song written from the heart for Zac Brown. It talks about the struggles of being a father on the road, and hoping your child knows how much you love them and how you want the best for them. It is a very sincere, sweet and emotional song for him, I imagine.

Say In This – Spencer Crandall

“I bet I, I could have talked you out of that drive, we could have had a conversation, I could have shown you that this is worth saving, are you saying that this ain’t worth saving?”

Spencer Crandall is another voice from Nashville that I love, and has one of those voices you just know is going to be big someday. While he says this song personally helped him get through a breakup, I can imagine it would help many others too due to how relatable it is. Crandall sings of being blindsided by the end of a relationship, and how shocking it can be. It’s not just the lyrics of this song I love, but it’s also catchy as hell. He’s a great artist to check out.


And that’s it for the week guys! Be sure to follow along our Raised Rowdy New Country playlist, to listen to these songs plus discover more new favourites. 

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