Top 5 Ways to Finish Quarantine Strong

Jonny G Raised Rowdy Contributor

I don’t even need to ask how the last two and a half months of quarantine have been, I already know the answer.  It has been a long road and there is still a long way to go so I put together my Top 5 ways to finish out the quarantine strong.

1.) Artists have been doing tons of social media performances.  It’s a great time to check out some new artists or some of your favorites.  On our Facebook page we have been doing artists takeovers almost everyday and sometimes twice a day!  You can also take this opportunity to upgrade your home stereo systems.  Get the biggest loudest speakers on the market so you feel like you’re at a concert and convert your neighbors into country fans.


2.) Buy some merch! I know you have been wearing the same three outfits for the last two plus months and while we’re being honest they are probably the only clothes that fit anymore.  I’ll even give you three more reasons to pickup some new swag to make it an even five reasons.  Reason number three, buying merch from an artist puts money directly into their pockets and without being able to perform since this happened, a lot of them are struggling.  Reason number four, you need to get ready for when concert season starts again! In Nashville they are starting to let live music happen again so it won’t be long until we are all front row watching our favorite artists.  Finally reason number five, who doesn’t love getting mail?? I mean come on, there’s nothing like seeing a package on the front porch (or wherever they get delivered) and then tearing it open to see what is inside


3.) Zoom or other video calls.  This is an amazing way to stay in contact with friends and not go completely nuts.  I can’t tell you the number of people, myself included, that have started doing regular calls with friends and family that we normally don’t see.  Hopefully once this is all over game nights and social calls with everyone keeps going!


4.) Get outside and meet some neighbors. Chances are you don’t know all of your neighbors so now is the perfect time to go for a walk and meet some of them.  If you already know all your neighbors they you are going to have to drive to the next town over and walk around to find some new people.  Try to find the rowdies wearing Raised Rowdy or other artists gear that you love and I’m sure you will be instant best friends!


5.) Drink.  Let’s be honest we’ve all been doing it to numb the terribleness of this whole thing.  Everyone knows about the six feet rule of social distancing but if you look up the actual definition you will see “drinking strongly encouraged” listed (side note: it doesn’t specify if it has to be beer, wine or liquor so it’s your choice).  If you are concerned about drinking alone get on a zoom call, also a top 5 activity, with friends and have a party.


Let us know if you have another other tips for finishing this social distancing thing strong because we are all trying to figure it out the best we can.

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