Texas Country Artist Hayden Haddock Ready To Perform Live Music After Quarantine

Emily Thornburg Raised Rowdy Contributor
What’s the first thing you do after quarantine is over? Well, if you’re Texas country artist Hayden Haddock you get on the road and go play your first live show since quarantine.
“I’m super excited to get back out there, meet new fans, and play country music,” Hayden said.
That’s the road warrior’s favorite part about it all, meeting new people and seeing their reactions during a live set. He knows it’ll be different post quarantine for a little while like the fact that most of his sets will be acoustic instead of a full band, but he’s still ready to get after it.
The special part about performing in Texas is how much people connect with the music.
“People have real love for the music here in Texas,” Hayden said.
Which is no surprise why his sophomore album is titled Red Dirt Texas, which reached No. 39 on iTunes Country albums chart.
So if Hayden couldn’t perform live during quarantine what did he do?
Well, he fished and spent time at home with his family.
“When life is normal I don’t get to see my family as often so that’s been one of the best parts,” Hayden said.
Hayden says if you’re still in “quarantining” then the perfect addition to your stay at home playlist is his song, “America.”
“It’s not a political song. It’s all about coming together. Sometimes as Americans forget how lucky we are to live in a country like this .”
What’s next for Hayden besides performing live across Texas? He’ll head back to Nashville and fiddle around with some new songs he’s writing.
Check out Hayden’s Instagram for more pictures from the road.

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