Top Mainstream New Country Songs Of The Week

Izzi Mitchell Raised Rowdy Contributor

Happy Friday again y’all. Usually I pass out and wake back up specially at 2 AM for these reviews, but tonight I’ve been drinking and I haven’t slept yet, so let’s get into an extra rowdy new music Friday, brought to you a couple hours early from Australia.


Make Em Wanna Change – Adam Sanders

“You make it look so damn easy, the way you see more good than bad in me, yeah, girl you were the missing link that put this train back on the track”

Here’s a song for all the rowdiest country boys. Not that we’d ever want you to change, but this song is about finding that person who changes your life and gets you back on track where you should be; they make you want to be a better you. It seems every country boy has that woman who grounds him, and this song perfectly encapsulates that.


Colder Than You – Canaan Smith

“Girl I ain’t drowning your memory, these mountains are all that’s sitting here getting blue, baby I might have finally found something colder than you”

Oh I like this one. The sound is way more old school than Canaan Smith usually seems to do. It’s almost sassy towards whoever he’s just broken up with, making it a fantastic break up song when you’re down and out and pissed off.


Hard Days – Brantley Gilbert

“Would you live with a purpose, or ever know your own strength, if you never had hard days?”

This song seems to put the tougher times in a better light. It would be a good song to listen to when you’re feeling a little helpless, but in an upbeat way.


Heaven On Dirt – Tyler Farr

“ I know we ain’t the only ones parked in a hay field watching that sun drop back through a windshield”

I already like the title of this song. From his latest EP Only Truck In Town, new Tyler Farr music was a long time coming. I knew the sound was almost familiar to me and that’s because Jason Aldean helped to produce this song.


On This Side of Heaven – Eric Paslay

“My paradise, my sweet by and by, if time heals all then tell me why, I’m still holding on, still holding onto the moments we were given. I miss your love, I miss your light shining in the kitchen, baby this house yeah this whole town ain’t the same without you in them.”

This song made my heart hurt a little, and gave me goosebumps down my arms. It talks heartbreak the way only country music can do. Listen to it for some chills.


Drinking Season – Brad Cox

“Hotter than the hinges on a devils gate, me and my buddies raising hell on the lake, and the girls couldn’t get any finer, we’ve been waiting all winter for that cold to get gone, so we can finally pop that top off”

Brad Cox is the closest thing we have to an Aussie version of Luke Combs, and this particular release is no different. It’s a little odd for him to release such a summery song at this time of year as it’s winter down here, but I suppose in Australia it’s never not drinking season. It does, however, make for a damn good drinking time for the rest of the world.


Mind on Fishin’ – Trace Adkins

“But the sky is blue and the breeze is cold and they’re bitin’ good not to mention”

This one is a classic country song ‘bout fishing.


I’m Not Gonna Cry – Corey Smith

“I’ve waited my whole life, I’m gonna fly right out of here, this is the best day of my life, so I’m not gonna cry”

Corey Smith is really great at telling stories throughout his songs. One of my favorite themes country covers is finally getting old enough or being able to leave your hometown. I’m sure we’ve all fantasized about getting out at one time or another, but this song paints it in a bittersweet light. He doesn’t so much want to escape because he loves his town, but he knows it will be the best thing for him. This is a particularly good song for graduating high school.


Good To You – The Swon Brothers

“You’re a double take turn every head when you walk in, you walk in, and with those pacific blue eyes I can’t help but get lost in, I’m lost in, one hell of a mystery, of how you fell for a mess like me, but baby keep on fallin’ that way”

We’re ending this week’s reviews with my favorite song of the week. Written by some personal favorites – Adam Hambrick, Jordan Schmidt and Jared Mullins – this is a cute, catchy love song to put you in a good mood.


Finally, make sure you follow along our Raised Rowdy New Country playlist for all these songs, plus more. It’s actually my favorite playlist (though I may be a little biased) and has helped me discover so many wonderful new artists and songs.

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