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Hell yeah it’s Friday again. While there aren’t as many songs out today as usual, there are some damn good ones. As always, I’m reporting early from Australia to bring you some links, lyrics and reviews to get you started for the week: 

Everything Falls For You – Seaforth

“I swear you could make my jaw drop, plans change baby any time you want, just by walking through the door, and letting that dress hit the floor”

Soo excited for new Seaforth music and I’ve been waiting for it for a while. These boys are from my hometown in Australia but have made a huge dent in Nashville. This song follows their most recent release with Mitchell Tenpenny, and while it is less upbeat than “Anything She Says”, it is extremely romantic. This is my favourite new song of the week.

 Would Have Loved Her – Chris Bandi

“Hey pops you know I hate to cry, but I, I just let it rain that night that I held your grand-baby in my hands for the very first time. ‘Cause shes got brown eyes just like you, her mama’s glow could light up a room, she’s pretty as a hallelujah and that smile that will do somethin’ to ya”

The rawness and heartbreak in this song is why I love country music. Chris Bandi sings of wishing he could introduce his new love to his father, who isn’t here anymore. “Would Have Loved Her” is as equally as sweet as it is sad, but it is definitely a beautiful story to listen to. Check out the rest of his self-titled EP Chris Bandi, also released today.

If I Still Had It – Kolby Cooper

“I’d stop drinking, I’d stop smoking, I’d stop staring at my phone, I’d stop loading up that juke box playing every Waylon song”

This one came out a few days ago but it’s so good I had to include it. Another heartbreak song, Cooper talks of all the things he wishes he could do to heal, but something is holding him back. Kolby Cooper is particularly good at singing heartbreak songs and this one is no different.

 On Time – Kevin McGuire

“Sorry if I crashed girls night but if you’re catching my eye then don’t be surprised when I ditch the guys to come and say hi, is that alright?”

Kevin McGuire is a singer-songwriter I’ve really come to like lately so I’ve been excited for his latest release. What makes him so interesting is that he’s a Scottish country singer, yet somehow sounds like he came straight out of Nashville. This song is super catchy and I love its lyrics. It’s simply a song about things lining up perfectly, and meeting that person you’ve been waiting for.

Fire and Flame – Kip Moore

“I guess I’m stuck out in the middle, ‘cause I got this reckless heart that I can’t tame, just when I think I’ve reined it in a little, I’m still somewhere between the fire and flame”

Another new release from Kip’s new album Wild World – finally the whole album is out! To me, this song is about enjoying the journey of life, and figuring it out one step at a time. It says it’s okay to be a little lost and take your time. 

Like always, we will be adding all these songs to our Raised Rowdy New Country Playlist. Follow along for great new tracks and you might even discover a new favourite artist. Enjoy your week y’all!


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