Bryan Frazier’s Newest Single Will Make You Call and Thank Your Family

Trey Bonner Raised Rowdy Contributor and Videographer

Neon Leaf Media

Bryan Frazier released new single “Hometowns Fault” and it really hits home during these crazy times that we have been living in.  He co-wrote this song with Jeff Hodge and Kameron Marlowe.  The song was produced by Alex Maxwell and Grady Saxman and I am convinced that anything that these guys have a hand in is pure gold.

In this new release, Bryan reflects on all the things he learned from the people who helped raise him growing up in Virginia.  I think this song transitions to everyone’s life regardless of where they grew up. I think that it reflects on my hometown in Alabama and even my new home in Nashville.  I am positive that everyone can relate to this song.

Nashville is one of the biggest small cities you will ever visit.  It has one of the best home town feels you will ever experience.  The city is so large and filled with endless possibilities but yet you go to the bar any night of the week and you will see the same friendly people everywhere you go bringing their hometown values into Nash.  I really believe this song will touch a lot of hearts during this time.  We are all still stuck in our homes due to COVID and all of us residing in Nashville or other cities have gone to visit our families in our hometowns, reliving our glory days and all the memories.

Hope y’all enjoy this one!

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