Brand New Mainstream New Country Songs 5/22

Izzi Mitchell Raised Rowdy Founder

Mornin’ y’all. I am especially excited for this week’s newest Country songs because there are so many great ones out, including two whole new EPs. I’ve been counting down the days to this particular Friday so let’s get started.


Beer:30 – Florida Georgia Line

“I got a twenty-four pack for 9.99 and every single one of them son of a b**** is mine and it’s looking like about that time…”

This has got to be my favorite out of just-released, FGL’s latest EP 6-Pack. This song is some real country music for you to drink to, and it’s making me thirsty just listening to it. This song was written by some big names – Brian Kelley, Canaan Smith, Corey Crowder, personal favorite Ernest and Tyler Hubbard and is a great song to start with when diving into the EP.


Easy – John King

“That look in your eyes is a dead give-away, damn, I can tell he got you hurtin’, and I know what I’m about to say is such a cliché baby but that dude ain’t even worth it. Did you ever think, you and me, we were put at this same bar at this same time, feels more than meant to be”

I love songs about picking up girls in bars even more so when it’s romantic and as if it’s meant to be. This song is about two hurting people in a bar, finding love again in each other, even just for one night. It’s catchy and sweet and is great to listen to after a breakup.


Single Saturday Night – Cole Swindell

“Now when I’m out, having a drink or two, when they see me they see you, ‘cause girl I got you by my side every single Saturday night yeah, every now and then the boys tell me they miss me, oh but they all get it cos they were right there with me”

Following the theme of falling in love in a bar, Cole Swindell has another hit for sure. I love how in the lyrics he describes being attracted to her for drinking White Claw – pretty redneck. The only thing that made this song even better was discovering it was written by another personal fave Hardy, along with Ashley Gorley and Mark Holman.


Good Day – Brett Eldridge

“I got a feelin’ it’s gonna be a good day. Well maybe it’s the thought that love is right around the corner, I don’t know but I don’t really need a reason, when I got this happy feeling in my soul”

As soon as I put this song on I realized he was singing about the exact mood I’m in right now. I’m sitting in the sun listening so some damn good country music by some of my favourite artists and couldn’t be happier. This song describes taking that time for yourself and enjoying the small things in your day. There are three other songs just released on this single too, so you can get your Brett Eldridge fix today.


Church In A Chevy – Jordan Davis

“So I soaked it up and lost track of time, started laying all my worries down, it’s just some pavement and some faded white lines but that highway felt like holy ground, and there wasn’t no preacher, wasn’t no choir, wasn’t no words, but it was the best sermon I ever heard”

This song is a really beautiful song, especially for believers. It’s about finding peace wherever you are and in your own way. It comes out with the super exciting news that Jordan Davis’ self-titled EP is also being released today. With six songs to obsess over, this is my favorite release of the week.


As usual, these songs will be added to the Raised Rowdy New Country playlist. Follow along for the best new country music you will ever need.

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