Struggling to Get Over Someone? Clay Hollis is Right There With You in New Single “Here I Go Again”

Stacie Hestand – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Anyone who’s been on the losing end of a relationship knows that sometimes, in trying to get over that person, you do things you know you shouldn’t. Three years after the release of his debut EP, Texas native Clay Hollis finds himself in that same boat in his new single “Here I Go Again”. The release is Hollis’s take on being stuck “between the stop sign and the truth”, putting a Texas-infused spin on the timeless idea embodied by songs like Rhett Akins’s “That Ain’t My Truck” and Toby Keith’s “Who’s That Man”.

Written by Bart Butler, Gabe Garcia, and Davy Ulbrich, the track takes listeners on a drive with Hollis as he builds up to the point of no return: “so here I go again, driving down her street/hoping she don’t see me, and I don’t see her with him”. Rusty Danmyer’s steel guitar wafts through the verses, fusing with the energy from Hollis’s Texas twang, Jon Conley’s racing guitar licks, and the heartbeat of Dave Racine’s drums to mirror the emotion of the story the song is telling.

Hollis’s enthusiasm for the song shines through in his performance. He told us: “Here I Go Again is a song that everyone can relate to. We have all been through the ups and downs of a relationship and this song is going to take you there, hopefully in a good way. The music itself is a jam! That’s the way I wanted it to be – big drums, loud guitars, and powerful lyrics. It’s a song I can crank up in my truck and listen to it on repeat, hopefully, you can too!”

Recorded at Farmland Studios in Nashville, “Here I Go Again” is an all-around country jam that has a little something for everyone, from 90s country fans to those who prefer a more modern sound. Hollis has hinted at the idea that he might be releasing more new music soon, so be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, or his website to make sure you don’t miss out! “Here I Go Again” is now available anywhere you can buy or stream music.

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