Steven Nix is Flying Fresh Off a Heartbreak in New Single “Plane”

Izzi Mitchell – Raised Rowdy Contributor

“Plane” by Steven Nix is the kind of song that hits you right in the first chords. I genuinely said out loud immediately “Oh it’s so good”. This song reminds me of why I fell in love with country music in the way that it tells a story and in the way you’re in every step of his heartbreak. I easily found myself singing along to the chorus already halfway through the song. 

This song starts by describing a man sitting on his couch, beer in hand, heartbroken and shocked over the end of his relationship. He was meant to be getting on a plane, maybe for his honeymoon, maybe for a holiday with his girl, but for whatever reason, he’s not. All he can do is stare at his packed suitcase and wonder what went wrong. What makes this song different from other heartbreak songs is how fresh the hurt is. You can hear in the lyrics that the breakup just went down, and he describes every thought one might have in that situation – how it would be easier to hate her, how he is still grateful for her and how he wishes he could still be kissing her lips. 

“Shouldn’t be in this bar, falling apart, in this damn town” particularly hits me and reminds me of heartbreaks only a young twenty-something could have. After a particularly brutal heartbreak when I was freshly twenty, I remember having no place to go, and found myself alone in a dive bar. Apparently crying into my beer and telling my sorrows to the bartender was what I needed at the time. This song brings me right back to that exact moment with those exact feelings. Any song that can bring up that type of emotion in you, even on the first listen, is one you don’t forget, and “Plane” does that for me.

Written by Steven Nix himself, Savannah Keyes and Chris Parker, “This song is simply a story of love gone wrong. I’m thankful that God allowed me to experience that situation, for no other reason than to have written this song. I was really blessed to have some amazing folks help me bring it to life too.” You can tell in the music alone without this quote that Nix really felt every word of this song. The emotion is very apparent in his voice as he draws out each word. 

Originally from Mississippi, Steven Nix is now a singer-songwriter in Nashville. He likes to think of himself as a combination of “older” and “newer” country music which you can hear quite clearly in “Plane”. I think if I were to compare this song to anyone it would be Ronnie Dunn, and we all know what a compliment that is. At a relatively young age, Nix is ahead of the game in Nashville and sure to be the writer of many hit songs.  

What’s even better is that the video was released on CMT. It’s a great song, so you can stream it here or on our Raised Rowdy New Country playlist.

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