Andy Buckner Shares Faded Memories in New Single “Temporary Tattoo”

Sara Custance Raised Rowdy Contributor

We’ve all had relationships that seemed effortless and looked good on the surface. Perfect at first, but they fade away. Relationships that felt right and made you think of forever but for whatever reason didn’t last. Just the kind of relationship that inspired North Carolina native, Andy Buckner, to release his latest single “Temporary Tattoo.” 

According to Andy, the song came together pretty naturally with co-writers Derek George and Chuck Jones. 

“Often times we cross paths with people that we were meant to meet but we are unsure of why. These people make impressions on our lives but just don’t last. Not because the relationship was bad, it just wan’t meant to be more than that moment in time. Similar to a temporary tattoo. The concept was simple and the song practically wrote itself.”

The single dropped only a few months after the release of his EP, My Kind of People and he plans to release even more throughout 2020. We were fortunate enough to have Andy play a virtual show on our Facebook page earlier in the week and got to hear some of the potential contenders. There is no shortage of quality songs in his catalogue and we can’t wait to hear which ones make it to production. 

Be sure to stream his new single, “Temporary Tattoo” and follow Andy on Facebook and Instagram for show annoucements and new music releases. 


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