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Luke Combs does it again with his latest debut single, “Six Feet Apart”. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple years, you know Luke has been killing it with 7 number one singles. Luke always finds a way to have us relating to him through his lyrics and this one is no different. 

Luke co-wrote this new quarantine-inspired song with Brent Cobb and Rob Snyder. Brent Cobb is an independent songwriter who also had his fast-rising career put on hold due to COVID-19. Cobb has written songs for a variety of country artists, including Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Kellie Pickler, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, as well as many others. Cobb’s style is best known as “blue collar country” with “bluegrass-leaning inclinations.” Rob Snyder is a well-regarded Nashville singer/songwriter, who rumor has it is finally releasing a debut album later this year. Snyder also co-wrote Luke’s multi-week No. 1 platinum smash “She Got the Best of Me,” along with several other cuts.

Luke played this song at The Grand Ole Opry last Saturday night with no audience of course, but the Opry continues to air live every Saturday night. Luke hit the fans with the talk of the town and his emotional new song to follow. “I been home like all you guys have and everyday is different and the same at the same time. Sometimes I’m in a great mood and sometimes I’m not… and I decided to write a song about all this stuff. I wrote it last week, it’s called Six Feet Apart.”

This song hits on all the little things Luke used to take for granted, “I miss my mom, I miss my dad, I miss the road, I miss my band, giving hugs and shaking hands,” and strikes a chord with what fans and artists alike have been thinking during this unprecedented time. He said on Instagram: “It’s about the current times and us looking forward to the day all of this is over. I hope y’all like it.” 

This one definitely hits home with me and gives us all hope that this will not last forever. Make sure y’all check this out!! 

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