Quoting Justin Holt’s Newest Single Could Help You Fall In Love

Trey Bonner Raised Rowdy Contributor and Videographer

Every time Justin Holt releases a new song I wish I was in love because his songs always put off feel good summer vibes.  Justin wrote his latest single, “Doesn’t Look Good on You”, with one of my favorite artists, Jasper Charles.  If y’all haven’t heard Jasper’s music,  here is an article I wrote about him last year!

Justin keeps the trend of catchy summer guitar licks while providing all y’all fellas with new pickup lines to use this summer – “You’re a 5-star 5”3 heart attack”. I don’t know about y’all but I will for sure be using that line this summer.  Justin sets the mood by painting very detailed visuals in your head during this song.

“Knee deep, Gulf Coast, tanned up”

“I could watch you get dolled up all day”

Damn – Justin is tearing at my heart strings with this one.  I can see these visuals plain as day.  I think he really hits home to a lot of southern boys with this one.  We work hard all year to go to the beach one week in the summer with our lady and we work our tails off all week looking forward to our relaxing weekends.

Hope y’all enjoy this one!


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