Daniel E. Johnson Drops Two New Singles For Your Streaming Pleasure

Katelyn Law Raised Rowdy Contributor 

Georgia bred artist, Daniel E. Johnson, surprised fans with the unexpected release of not one but two new songs. Each of the two new tracks features clever songwriting and storytelling perspectives while keeping their own unique identity and sound. After his previous EP release, All We Ever Knew and lead single “American Hearts,” fans have been eagerly awaiting more and these two songs have definitely lived up to their expectations.

“Til’ You Walked In” brings moody, retrospective vibes that will have you immediately tapping along and commiserating with a love that has come to an end.  All of these brooding memories compile and come to fruition when someone that reminds you of your past walks through the door of your favorite hangout. Daniel showcases the rawness of his voice and ability to convey the attitude of the song in this bluesy ballad that goes deeper than a song just about some ex, taking an unexpected turn.

The other surprise release also continues to personify the character that can be found in Daniel’s originality. “Island” is the song for the spring and summer months that you didn’t know you needed. As soon as the melody begins, listeners are taken swiftly away to a beach out in the middle of nowhere, bobbing their head to the beat and island breeze. Not only is “Island” a fun song that you will want to add to your boating playlist, it is a deep play on words that describes a relationship that ended in one person on an island and one person out there not sure where they will land.

These two new songs continue to build on the artistry and depth that Daniel represents in his music and we cannot wait to see and hear what is to come next!

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