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Good morning everyone! I’m up again at 2:30am to bring you snippets from the newest mainstream country songs as soon as possible. Lucky for me, it all comes out early in Australia, so let’s get into some of my favorite new tracks of the week!

Trainwreck – Ashland Craft

“Oh don’t even bother walking this way, asking for a light, telling me your name”

Ashland warns bar lovers of her messiness in this latest single. Her voice is incredible as always, and ‘Trainwreck’ makes for a damn good country song.

Plane – Steven Nix

“I ain’t kissing your lips right now, we ain’t on the way back to your house, shouldn’t be in this bar, falling apart, in this damn town, I should be on a plane right now”

As a first time Steven Nix listener, I have been instantly converted into a fan. This song is full of heartbreak and reminds me of crying into my beer over a broken heart when I was twenty years old… but in a really good way. I will definitely be spending my day getting to know his music better.

Polaroid – Keith Urban

“We’ve come a long way since we were strangers in the basement, at a party we hated, trying to make conversation”

I loved this song the second I hit play, but who doesn’t love Keith, right? In this song, Keith reflects on an old polaroid picture he found, noting how funny it is that they didn’t know then what they’d be now. It’s a sweet and catchy tune and is already stuck in my head.

Something You Ain’t Ever Had – Waterloo Revival

“What you need is an all night lovin’, but this aint no one night stand, what you need is probably something that you ain’t ever had”

I’ve been waiting a while now for new Waterloo Revival music. These guys have great chemistry, and it shows in their latest song “Something You Ain’t Ever Had”. Listen to this tune next time you’re chasing after that girl or guy.

Every Other Memory – Ryan Hurd

“We were both drunk at the party when I told you that I loved you, you laughed like I was crazy but I swear girl that’s when I knew what we had”

This one came out a few days ago, but had to be included. I love every single track Ryan Hurd puts out and this is no exception. This is a romantic song about unforgettable summer love and is one of my favorites this week.

All Would Be Right With The World – Drake White

“What if cigarettes and whiskey, they didn’t try to kill me and out back I had money growing on a tree, every morning I woke up right beside you girl, all would be right with the world.”

Released last week as part of Stars, this is a happy song for all us country dreamers. It describes the ideal world from a country boy’s eyes, and it sounds damn good to me.

Cool Again – Kane Brown

“Do you ever think about the days we couldn’t live without each other, where the hell did we go wrong?”

I was not expecting new Kane Brown today. He dropped this surprise track a few hours ago and I can already hear this in the car on a summer’s day. This song is very on brand for Brown and could very easily fit onto his Experiment album. So, if you, like me, loved that album, you’ll be sure to love this song too.

Paper Airplanes – Taylor Acorn

“So many things I took for granted, a few I love you’s left unsaid, and “see you soon” turned into what meant never seeing you again”

Taylor Acorn is another artist who never misses the mark. Her voice gets me every time and her songs are always relatable. “Paper Airplanes” is yet another Taylor Acorn song I’ll be blasting on repeat.

We Do – Kenny Chesney

“We drag this circus from town to town, full of jesters and jokers and… clowns, ‘til your parking lot party is full of pirates like us and we all come together when the curtain comes up.”

If you’re a Chesney fan you’re going to love this, as it’s a song written for his fans, about his fans. Get your fix with this song and three others, on his latest single We Do.


As usual, we will be adding these, and more great tracks to the Raised Rowdy New Country Playlist. With songs like these, how could you not enjoy your week?

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