Not Even “Blue Lights” Can Slow Murphy Elmore Down

Trey Bonner Raised Rowdy Videographer and Contributor

Alabama boy, Murphy Elmore, is hands down one of my favorite artists and live performers in Nashville.  I first saw Murphy play back in 2017 and damn he has the whole package.  He has great songs that everyone can relate to, an amazing stage presence, and he always makes the audience feel connected.

Murphy has consistently been releasing great music over the years from his Kings of Friday Night EPto the “Whoever Broke Your Heart” single and now his newest single release “Blue Lights”.

Murphy co-wrote “Blue Lights” with Rob Crosby, Autumn McEntire, and Liz Hengber.

“Blue Lights” is a rockin’ love song that I cannot wait to play all summer.  I know everyone else is going to be on the lake or driving around singing this chorus.

“I’m burning that midnight blacktop

I will run right through them reds

I swear to God I won’t stop Till I get to you again


Girl come hell or come high water

If you need me now

Not even blue lights

Not even blue lights are gonna slow me down”


This will be a Summer anthem


Hope y’all enjoy!


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