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Good morning everyone. And by good morning, I mean really morning as it’s the middle of night as I write this. Living in Australia can be tough for an American country lover, as we don’t get as many concerts down here. However, there is one advantage; new music hits sooner, by about 16 hours. Which makes me the perfect person to bring you the top mainstream new country songs of the week. Hopefully, we’ll take a look weekly at the newest released songs and you’ll get the round up of the best.


More Than My Hometown – Morgan Wallen

“[I love you] more than beer when you ain’t twenty-one yet”

What a way to start this week off. Waking up hits different when it’s three in the morning and you play Morgan’s latest single. Written with personal favorites Hardy and Ernest, plus Ryan Vojtesak, this one’s gonna be a new favorite and on repeat for at least a few weeks.

No I in Beer – Brad Paisley

“Drinkin oughtta be a team effort, [but] there is no ‘I” in beer”

Brad’s most recent single, out a few days ago, is going to be a great drinking anthem for the summer. It is very reminiscent of his 2009 album American Saturday Night and of course has his signature guitar solos throughout. It’s exactly the kind of song you want from Brad Paisley if you’ve been a long time listener like myself, and craving something new.

Circles – Cadillac Three

“Seasons change and our love went cold, feed the flame ’cause we can’t let go”

This cover struck me within the first few chords. Get your Post Malone fix with the talented vocal chords of the Cadillac Three. 

Gabrielle – Brett Eldredge

“Cinnamon skin in the sunshine, stops time in the moonlight, really made me feel like I could really fall for you”

A much needed love song this week, Brett Eldredge sings of a lost love and wonders what happened. Released as a single with two other songs – “Crowd My Mind” and “Where My Heart Is”, I’m hoping for a new album soon. I can definitely see myself belting this out while cooking.  

I Choose Lonely – Adam Doleac

“I’ve never been so sure of being so damn sure of something,and if what you got ain’t what I get, I don’t want nothing”

“I Choose Lonely” is the newest song on Adam Doleac’s Famous EP, of which I have been obsessed with every song release. It’s an upbeat love song that has me jamming on my couch as I write this.

Southpaw – Kip Moore

“I could be dangerous, I could be famous, have my name, baby, all in the papers, sayin I’m wanted by the law and every woman”

The first thought that went through my mind when I played this song was “Oh, hell yeah”, especially when the first line is “I should have been a cowboy”, it’s got me feeling like one too. If this is any reflection of his next album, Wild World, it’s going to be a good one. 

Summer Us – Spencer Crandall

“I love watching you watch the sky on the fourth of July, your hand in mine. Lazy days at the lake when you steal my shades…”

If it weren’t obvious by the song title, this is another Summer jam. This song is so catchy, perfect for a music festival In the sun with unlimited beer. If only they weren’t cancelled this summer…

Song About You – Sam Grow

“I wanna hear a song about blue eyes, making love all night, one of them ones that’s gonna drive me crazy”

Here’s a country song about country songs. A simple premise, with a great tune, Grow basically lists everything that makes for a damn good country song, and makes one in the process.

These, and more great tracks will be added to the Raised Rowdy New Country Playlist. Until next week, happy listening, I’m going to get some sleep.

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