Vinnie Paolizzi Releases a Sunroof Open Song We All Kinda Need “It Doesn’t Rain in LA”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

Music is meant to take you somewhere, whether is deep inside yourself or somewhere far away, music has the power that not many other mediums do to transport you, even if only for a moment, to a different time or place. Vinnie Paolizzi and his most recent release “It Doesn’t Rain in LA” gives you that moment to be somewhere else.

Vinnie told us, “Joe Martin and I wrote “It Doesn’t Rain in LA” in my tiny first apartment here in Nashville. He was in town for the first time from England and I had just moved to Tennessee from Philadelphia. Both of us had met friends in Nashville who were “tired of the scene” or looking for some kind of “salvation” in California so we decided to write a song about our friends blindly chasing their dream instead of sticking it out in Nashville. This song was sort of a dramatized last ditch effort to get them to stay.”
Joe will be dropping his version of the track later this year while traveling Europe playing music himself.
Vinnie told us: “Here in the states when the band and I started playing this song we all locked in on the harmonies very quickly and wanted to go for the full Eagles, Hotel California effect. It quickly became one of the high points in our set and we love rocking out the bridge and outro. The recording came out great too, and along with the rest of the songs in this batch, really captures the live feel that we all love so much. The band and I are continuing to forge on the path of live and honest recordings that we like and I hope that people turn this one up loud with the sunroof open this summer.”
Live and honest genre bending music is what you have with Vinnie and we can’t get enough of it. So without further ado, this is “It Doesn’t Rain in LA”

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