Raised Rowdy First Listen Alec Davis’ “You Would Be Mine”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

Ok, so it’s March and we usually are chest deep in sports right now via the overabundant media coverage of March Madness, but with the world in lock-down and sports on hiatus, Alec Davis decided to do his own kind of March Madness.  He decided to release a new song EVERY Friday all month long.

Alec is a former SEC athlete and Missouri native and his sound lives somewhere between old honky-tonk music, current country and southern rock.  It is just weird enough to keep me turning back to it to pick up something I might have missed on a previous listen.

This week’s single is called You Would Be Mine” and it is likely my favorite of the four songs Alec is releasing this month.

“You Would Be Mine” speaks of the angst and inner struggle of approaching someone out at the bar or other meeting place and how often you put the cart before the horse and start thinking about how your life would be together. Sometimes that kind of planning ends in a fiery mess, but for the character in the track it ends up working out. “You Would Be Mine” goes on to tell that spark story of found love, but also about the life the couple created together.

I am not sure if the track is all written kind of in the idea space of a “what if” or if at some point it turns from thought to reality, but what I do know is, this track, as well as all the track’s Alec has been releasing recently, have a tone and vocal performance that is strictly Alec’s. So Here is his newest track a day before you can hear it anywhere else:

Alec had this to tell us about this song and batch of songs he has been releasing “This song and these recent releases have been the best representation of me and my sound. My goal is that “You Would Be Mine” gets in front of some new listeners and quickly becomes one of my top played songs.”
Alec’s other single’s “Pink Cadillac” and “You Found Me” that have been released so far as well his soon to be released track “Thank the Angels” give you a really solid glimpse into what Alec is doing and where his sound is moving towards. We really dig it and we hope that you do too!

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