Sweet Leah Drops New Single and Spy Themed Video for it

Haley and Julia Kate of Sweet Leah are back at it again with another music video for their new single “Money Back”. The song talks about the feeling of wanting a refund for the time and emotional funds spent trying to make a relationship work. When you give it your all and it doesn’t work out you are left with nothing but a bitter taste in you mouth.

The pair enlisted the help of their live band (Brian Sutherland, Michael Chalker, and Jake Murch) and engineer Spenser Ward at Cathy Jo studio to produce the single themselves.

“We’re independent artists. We work with what we have. When funds are tight we make it work. Pick up gigs and cut back on groceries. You do what you have to do to keep putting out music” The girls share. “No one is going to do this thing for us. If we want something done we figure out how to do it ourselves. It also doesn’t hurt that we have really great people that believe in us and help us along the way.”

For the video, the duo took a straight forward interpretation of the lyrics and show a con man who ends up having worked over both of the girls.

The video shows them taking out their anger on the con man in a some spy movie themed outfits. The light take on the single is fun and playful. Julia Kate told us  “As we were writing the song with Corey (Wagar-Grogan), we had this vision of going full spy mode in order to right the wrongs of this ex-boyfriend.” Wales Toney of Whale Tale Media directed and produced the video.

“We appreciate Wales for not believing that we’re actually crazy,” Haley laughs. “When you walk into a meeting and explain that you want to tie up some guy, steal his Jaguar, and ask about the possibility of blowing up a house, you assume that someone might think you are insane.” Wales, however, took the idea and brought it to life (sans house explosion because he, thankfully, had the foresight to avoid arrest for arson). 


The Sweet Leah girls are heading back to the studio this month to cut a five song EP and we can’t wait to hear more of what the duo has been working on.

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