Craving a Traditional Sound? Look No Further Than Dan Alley’s Debut Single “Come On”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder and Traditional Sounding Music Lover

COME ON! Honestly I can’t think of a better debut single for Miamisburg OH-IO raised artist Dan Alley than his new track he co-wrote with Tom Perkins “Come On”.

Dan told us “This was the first song me and Tom wrote together, and we knew we wanted folks to hear it right out of the gate. Justin Weaver and Brandon Kinney produced my record and knocked it out of the park. I’m excited to get my first single out into the world two years into my career in Nashville! ”

While the 23 year old Alley is only two years into his Nashville residency he comes from a STRONG line of Country musicians.  If you hit up YouTube you can find some gems of Dan and his family playing some of the Countriest songs to hit your ears.  He grew up playing bluegrass and COUNTRY in a family band and you could hear what now has become a signature tone in Dan’s voice being developed and honed over the years. 

If you like this track and it’s Country sound you will not have to wait long to hear what else Dan and his production team have up their sleeve. Dan told us he will be releasing a couple more new songs through the next few months.

If you love hearing that old school sound but from a fresh new voice, Dan Alley and those like him are HERE ready to fill the airwaves with that style of music we all know and love. We aren’t sure how soon Dan’s music will be hitting the radio around the country but what I can tell you is you will get a HEAVY dose of songs like these on Raised Rowdy Radio that you can listen to on the app Sunday Nights at 9pm to midnight (eastern standard time). We will be playing this track for the first time on the March 9th episode, so make sure to tune in to hear this track and other great songs like it!

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