Koe Wetzel’s New Video for “Forever”

Nick Tressler- Raised Rowdy Founder who once attended a 6PM meet and greet that Koe Wetzel tried to cancel due to partying too hard the night before.


Koe Wetzel’s is the talk of Texas and at this point well beyond.  His Rock laden set-list has been lighting up stages across Texas since before his first full length album Noise Complaint dropped in 2017.  His followup 2019’s Harold Saul High was one of our favorite albums of the year and has a host of expletive laden tracks with a full range of emotion and different levels of substance abuse and heartache. While most of Koe’s tracks end up in the happy place between the ears of his fans, “Forever” is definitely one of the songs that we would consider a single.

The video is pretty much classic Koe. A bender driven scene of chaotic passion and music.  It has some time travel, some wild partying, some mascot wrestling and partaking in the consumption of some white powdery substance and of course Koe’s signature style of music.  So let his hot boxed church van take you on a journey to “Forever” where the lines of real life and fiction blur in a way only Koe can.

This is “Forever” and this is Koe Wetzel.



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