Kaley Pearson Vows to Be a Friend with Newest Single “Listen to Your Heart Break”

Being a 15-year-old girl can be a difficult part of life, and for Kaley Pearson the same can be said. The difference for her is that she strives to be a rock for others in their trying times.

Pearson’s latest single, “Listen to Your Heart Break,” is derived from instances she’s already experienced in life with friends and family.

“I have a friend going through a very tough time right now,” she said. “I wanted her to know that I am here for her no matter what, and that I will be that shoulder to cry on when she needs me.”

For many, maturity levels of that nature can take years to reach, but for Pearson it comes natural.

“I’ve had great friends and family growing up, and they really shaped me into the person I’ve become,” she said. “I am so grateful for them because I know without their help and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

A sophomore in high school, Pearson has already released three singles to digital outlets, each with their own style. This song, however, is an up-tempo country song with feeling. The vocals capture both the vulnerability of the lyrics, while also keeping the groove alive.

Greg Bieck, Jordan Lawhead and Kyle Loeffel helped Pearson craft the song, and working with the trio is something she believes helps to increase her ability as an artist and songwriter.

“Being in a room with guys as talented as those three is special to me,” she said. “They help me elevate myself to another level, and it really shows in this song.”

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