These are 5 of Our Favorite Unreleased Songs in Country Music

Dan Alley – “The Me That Loves You”
This voice and this song…. man we can’t get enough. Dan is from the great state of Ohio and comes from a very musically inclined family. We hear Merle in his voice and dang do we need more of that vintage sound and swagger in Country music.  We hear he has some “Country Music For Sale” and honestly, we can’t wait to be on the purchasing end of it. 


Dan Smalley – “A Thousand Angels”
I know, I know, you are thinking didn’t you just talk about a very similar named artist. We sure did, but man Dan Smalley has what we like to refer to as “the Lord in his voice”. Dan, who is signed to Big Machine, has one of the finest voices in all of Country music and it is criminal that more people don’t know his name yet. We have a feeling that problem is soon to be rectified though. Special sounds like this don’t come around often.


Ben Chapman and Meg McCree – “Puppet Strings”
We first learned about Ben when we were told Channing Wilson was vouching for his talent and skills around Nashville. If you know Channing his recommendations are not taken lightly. Ben has the songwriting, guitar playing and vocal chops to stand with fellows twice his age and come out shining brightly. Meg McCree is another young and talented wordsmith whose voice is so innocent sounding.


Drew Parker – “Middle of Nowhere Class”

Drew Parker has a new project on the horizon coming our way but it doesn’t look like this track made the new EP. It is though, one of our absolute favorite songs in Country music. It has all the ingredients of a smash single that you won’t get out of your head anytime soon. Here is hoping Drew drops this track soon, but until then we will just have to listen to it here.


Jobe Fortner – “That’s My Amen”
Jobe’s voice has the hairs standing up on the back of our necks nearly every time we get to catch him sing. This ole boy just has IT. Recently singing a pub deal, Jobe has a load of unreleased tracks that are just as good as this. Someone give this boy a record deal! It’s time.

We hope you enjoyed these tracks. We can’t wait for studio versions to drop and until then just check back here to give em a watch and a listen.

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