Raised Rowdy 12 Pack: Top EPs of 2019

For this article we are touching exclusively on EPs and not full albums. This means if an artist released an EP that later became part of a full album in the same year that was judged based on the full album. We also took the designation that the EP must be 4 tracks and must have been formally released as an EP in the current yearly window not just as a collection of singles over the year. 

You might ask, why EPs? We think the artists that are releasing EPs right now either are just gearing up to tell their story, or are trying something a little different with their music. We here at Raised Rowdy love both of those things in the Country music landscape. 

 EPs are a small glimpse into their artist’s sound, but enough to give you an idea of who they are as an artist or where they are at that moment in time.

Give these EPs a listen and let us know what 2019 projects we may have missed. We are always looking to you Rowdies to steer us to more great tunes.

Cam Spinks- I Got It From My Daddy

Dawson Edwards- I Can’t Help It…Somebody Had To


Jon Langston- Now You Know

Jordan Rowe- EP

Josh Phillips- Josh Phillips EP

Kalsey Kulyk- Self Titled

Kyle Daniel- What’s There to Say

Lainey Wilson- Redneck Hollywood

Meghan Patrick- Wild as Me

Ray Fulcher- Somebody Like Me

Stephen Paul- Off My Chest

So what do you think? What EPs do you love that we missed?  

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