Randall King Drops Two New Singles

Bubba McAllister Raised Rowdy Contributor. 

In 2018 Randall dropped a PHENOMENAL album. Seriously y’all, top to bottom, every song holds its own. If you’re looking for a couple preview tracks to sample his sound, search “Takin’ Me a Heartbreak” and “Mirror, Mirror”.

I recall jamming to the record and realizing that there’s very few albums where you don’t reach forward and bump the skip button a time or two, but he delivered. My next thought was how is ol’ boy not getting radio play anywhere other than Texas? Commercial appeal, check. Vocally talented, check. Most importantly, unique song selection – double check.

In the last month he has dropped two singles that are both radio wave worthy. The first and my favorite so far, “She Gone”, certainly will get the crowds on their feet, and “Burn It at Both Ends” slows it down. Both common themes in country music about the girl who got away. But Randall stands a bit taller than his contemporaries and their heartbreak tunes. He pairs not only a sultry voice and a traditional band (with plenty of pedal steel), but his verbal imagery and song writing is a somewhat fresh perspective on heartbreak. I say somewhat because he has an ability to put a melody to something every guy has felt.

Though nothing has been officially announced, it’s safe to assume a new record is on the way. Given the current method of every artist on the streaming platform – we get a taste of what’s to come, whether it’s in the form of an EP or song after song. Regardless of the method of Randall and his label, mark my words: 2020 will be the year he becomes a household name to Country fans. Go check out his self titled record and new drops, and tell me anything different!


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