Well, we have found ourselves listening to this Sean Stemaly track “All Day”

Katelyn Law – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Sean Stemaly has been releasing some quality songs lately and we cannot get enough. And after recently signing a deal with Big Loud Records, he is solidifying himself as one of country music’s brightest newcomers to hit the scene.

Following up his hit “Back on a Backroad”, Sean recently released a song that will no doubt have you tapping your foot to the unique up tempo. “Last Night All Day” is a song about having the best night ever and then spending the entire next day replaying it in your head until you get to do it all again. It’s not only relatable, but it will have you humming along in no time! It’s the perfect song to help you get through the work day… especially if you want to relive last night, all day.


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