Listening to a Trea Landon Song is “What Feelin’ Good Feels Like”

Bradley Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor

If you don’t know by now, Trea Landon has a knack for making very catchy songs that have a relatable story attached to them. Take “Loved By A Country Boy” or “Get The Girl” for example. Both songs have allowed for Landon to gain a lot of traction not just down in the southeast, but all over the country and he is certainly on his way to continue that trend with “What Feelin’ Good Feels Like.”

Photo by Marisa Taylor

The first verse of this sentimental track will make his listeners reminisce on a breezy summer night, something I’m sure all of us could use right about now. It also speaks of the simplicity that entails a small town summer and overlooking the often overrated night out in the city. Landon is a country boy at heart so he’s likely lived this song multiple times throughout his life.

Photo by Josh Gicker

Unless you’re from a small town, it’s hard to understand how peaceful a country night is. After living in Nashville for close to four months, I miss the peace and quiet but “What Feelin’ Good Feels Like” takes me back to those moments I cherish. With 2019 quickly coming to an end, Trea Landon is looking ahead to 2020, where he will be joining HARDY on Cole Swindell’s Down to Earth Tour. To get more information on Landon and his tour dates, visit or follow him on Instagram and Twitter @TreaLandon.


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