Listen to John King’s new song “Close”

Raised Rowdy Contributor – Katelyn Law

Ever been in that awkward situation when you’re out with your significant other and then all of a sudden you are ten feet away from your ex? Well, John King has and he has turned that story into a song.

In the Georgia native’s most recent release “Close”,  John explains his past relationship with an old flame to his now current love after a run in that has both people feeling a little uncomfortable. As John goes on and on about the past relationship, even admitting that he thought the other girl could have been the one, you begin to wonder where he going with this conversation. However, at the very end of the chorus he has every listener out there going “awe” by saying that the other girl isn’t even close to who he is with now.

This song combines clever, storytelling lyrics with a vibey melody that will no doubt be stuck in your head. I 10/10 recommend turning it up and humming along.

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