Taylor Austin Dye Released New Single “Mean”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder
We really all have that friend. You know the one, the one that gets to be a handful when the drinks are poured to strong or the night goes on for too long. If you don’t have one of those friends, chances are YOU are that friend. It is inevitable. You get someone a few too many tequilas, vodkas or often WHISKEYS and it’s like a second personality comes out.
Often you will hear “when I drink ________ it makes me crazy/mean/forget my clothes at the bar etc.” Whatever it is you blame on the hooch we know it always leads to some wild stories.  That is exactly the story-line for Taylor Austin Dye‘s newest single “Mean”.
“Being from Kentucky, I drink a lot of bourbon. I think we all know that person who just can’t hold their liquor– and I wrote this one about my mom getting mean when she drinks whiskey or bourbon. Anytime she is offered a shot, she says, ‘No, that shit makes me mean.’ And from that quote, “Mean” was born. She’s such a good sport about it and loves the song!”
Taylor’s rich vocals are spot on and give us that southern sass we know and love from her.  We can’t get enough of Taylor and her whiskey drenched style.  She’s one of our favorite rising acts in Country music right now.
So next time you head out with your gang don’t blame the bottle, blame that wild card of a friend you have in your crew that is always keeping things interesting.

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