Jordan Rager “The Wrong Ones” Gets it Just Right

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder
Photo: Jason Myers

Jordan Rager has been busy getting us, his fans, new music to enjoy all of 2019.  We were lucky enough earlier in the year to get a podcast in with Jordan, (you can check out HERE) where we talk about everything that he has been doing to get the music where it needs to be — to the fans. Well Jordan just released what has come to be my favorite single of his to date, “The Wrong Ones”.

This is probably Jordan’s most straight forward country song lyrically that he has cut in a long time and it really suits him and his voice extremely well.  Mixing the traditional country lyrics with a modern mix and instrumentation sets this song up to cast a wide net with fans that enjoy different styles of Country music. You get that solid love song with a raise your glass feel to it and it’s a track you can imagine coming through your radio speakers on the FM dial.

Jordan told us “The Wrong Ones” came from a conversation he had with his co-writers; “We were talking about the different stages in relationships and how every wrong one eventually leads you to the right one. The idea was born and I couldn’t be more proud of this song. It’s become one of my favorite singles to date.”

The sentiment in the song is set up to strum Jordan’s fans heart strings for sure. Jordan, Michael (Whitworth) and Brent (Anderson) captured the enjoyment of being in love all while celebrating the hard times and tears that led you there. Led you to the right thing, that right person. Love has a way of taking a hold of you and making the rest of what you thought was pain, go away.

A thing like love will do that to you. Makes all the things you couldn’t imagine saying or feeling your proudest moments. So pour a couple drinks and raise ’em up.  Here’s to the wrong ones leading you to finally get the right one.


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