Kelsey Hart and His Co-writers Give Us a Darn Good “Reason to Raise ’em”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

We all have our reasons. Reasons to go out an have a few brews with your friends or hell even by yourself.  Kelsey Hart’s new single “Reason to Raised ’em” not only talks about plenty of reasons to have a few brews but listening to this track ends up being reason enough itself to raise a few.

This rockin’ track just makes you feel like you are on your way to a good time, Kelsey told us: “One of my good friends and co-writers on the song Mason Thornley came up with the idea at Losers bar in Nashville while we were out drinking. As soon as he told me the idea, we were excited to get to work on the song as soon as possible. We called the best drinker we know, Dustin Huff to help us come up with some reasons to raise em and he did just that.” Kelsey and the boys have been known to have a few from time to time and this track has all the makings of a good time packaged into a three minute diddy.

Stylistically, Kelsey said “We wanted an anthem feeling drinking song that covered anything from catching up with old friends to heartbreak. Something that people could relate to.” Kelsey, Mason and Ol Huff did just that.  A party track built for the good times, or for turning any time into a better song

Cheers to having another “Reason to Raise ’em”.

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