Rob Pennington is “Back in Business”

Katelyn Law – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Rob Pennington is “Back in Business” with his latest release following “Brooks and Dunn” and “September Saturday.” This song is the perfect Friday, just got paid anthem to ring in the weekend after a long, hard week of working a nine to five. The sing along lyrics and bob your head melody are just what you needed to let a carefree night take you away from all your worries. 

“Back in Business” tells the age old story of a fun house party that’s filled with all of your favorite things from an Igloo full of Natties all the way down to something yummy getting ready on that Big Green Egg. So, if you’re ready to kick off your weekend a little early, I highly recommend putting this song on repeat and turning that volume knob all the way up. Just don’t forget to go ahead and pay off your neighbors with that red wine.

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