Garrett Jacobs Wows With New Single, “Just Like You”

Katelyn Law Raised Rowdy Contributor

Garrett Jacobs has spent his time  building an impressive fan base that just can’t get enough of his fun and authentic country sound. And recently, he gave his audience just what they were hoping for: the release of not only a brand new single, but a music video to accompany the song as well. “Just Like You” is a fun bop that tells the story of a guy that has fallen head over boots for a girl that encompasses everything he has ever imagined.  The fun play on words give a detailed description of the girl that is the object of Garrett’s affections. He sings, “everybody is looking for a girl just like you.”

In an interview that Garrett gave promoting his single, he stated, “I want my fans to be able to have fun with this song and turn it up and jam out on their good days, but also for the girls that are fans of mine, I want them to know that there’s a guy somewhere out there looking for a girl that is just like them and that they don’t have to try to be something that they’re not. Beauty is more than skin deep and I really hope that message will resonate with at least one person that hears this song.”

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