Kenton Bryant Expands His Portfolio with Newest Single “Lonely Don’t Look Good On You”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

We have been big fans of Kenton Bryant and his take on Country music since our first listen to “Since You’re Gone” on YouTube. There is just something about that rasp in his voice and the way he can play with words to make a familiar topic new every time you listen to it. His style is guitar heavy and honest.  Each track that comes out tells a little more of the story of Kenton Bryant and it is really cool to see his portfolio expand over time.

His newest track “Lonely Don’t Look Good On You” fits right in the wheelhouse of music we love. That first time meeting someone new, when you know they are coming out of something that probably wasn’t that great.  Losses in relationships, or hell even baseball aren’t any fun and sometimes it takes a person going out on a limb to get some healing to take place.

The plot of the song kinda drops in like a pickup line, but it is also an encouraging proposal to help you get that good time feeling back for someone, even if just for a moment.  Kenton or whoever the narrator of the track is offers some encouragement that everyone needs from time to time. A smile to hopefully lure a smile out of their conversation partner. Kenton had this to tell us about the track that he co-wrote with another hit songwriter Cole Taylor “Lonely Don’t Look Good On You is one of those rare songs that make me want to roll the windows down and crank it up, but also sit down, listen, and absorb the lyrics at the same time. I’m super proud of it and glad to finally have it out for everyone to hear!”

A glass of whiskey, some good company and a good conversation is a tried but true formula for feeling better and this song tells exactly that story.

Give this one a listen and get rid of those lonely vibes, a good time is just one person or connection away from you. It might come from a place you don’t expect it, or one you do, like a packed barroom in Midtown.

Follow Kenton on the Instragrams as the kids call it or even the Book of Face.  You won’t regret it.


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