Eric Van Houten Releases His Third New Single “Know About That”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

Fresh off the announcement of his new publishing deal with WinSongs Music, Eric Van Houten dropped the third of three recent singles “Know About That”. The track has a free wheeling airy vibe driven by the guitar progression that will have it repeating in your head after the first listen. Eric told us “I wrote this one with Jason Duke and Dave Pittenger! Dave also produced this single. The write was great. Jason’s energy is contagious and we got the idea of a guy just asking a girl if she is down to chase that feeling they’ve been having, and we just ran with it. The music just feels like the music I grew up listening to!”
We have to agree with Eric, as the song is an instant addition to our New Country Playlist which is made up of our favorite current country tracks. The song itself seems carefree with a little bit of what makes Eric and his sound so fresh in the country music landscape.
As Eric stated, the song was produced by Dave Pittenger. Eric explained “Dave killed the production and brought the high energy of this song to life! When we hit this one live it just has that jump up and down feel good vibe that can’t seem to be ignored. The crowds we’ve been playing it for seem to get the head bob going every time!”
With Eric’s independent artist status, the new tracks he has been releasing have really been riding on the streams and downloads of the fans he has built touring the last few years. Their success shows the people Eric and his music have in his corner. Eric is excited for what is yet to come as his journey ramps up.  He says that he is “Extremely grateful and this is just the beginning. We have a lot more music in our back pocket.”
We can’t wait for even more tracks to come our way and until then make sure to catch one of Eric’s shows. His live performance is intoxicating and energetic. One of our favorite shows to catch whenever he is in your area.

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