Sweet Leah Keeps the Good Times Rolling in Their Video for “RedNekkid”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

Sweet Leah (Haley Stevens and Julia Kate Snow) is one of our favorite acts out there right now.  Their sexy, fun persona and vibe really stands out in a landscape of artists who seem to sometimes play it safe or take themselves too seriously. If you have gotten a chance to see it, their live show is sultry and entertaining. They are such a unique act and sing great songs that you can relate to easily.  Their newest single “RedNekkid” really shows you the personality this friend duo has. It’s a little bit wild, a little bit fun and a lot Country. Think if Morgan Wallen and HARDY were female. They have the same ‘I don’t care what you think about me’ attitude that is Sweet Leah.

The video which starts with that infamous ‘one beer’ and turns into a ROWDY all-nighter.  It shows the details of two good timing women, who are bound and determined to figure out exactly what happened last night.  What they recount is a montage of axe-throwing, gun-shooting, skinny-dipping fun that wraps up in a truck bed swimming pool straight out of a redneck’s wildest dreams.

This duo is  getting ready to take country music by storm and we have a feeling this isn’t the last time we’ll see the party in the music video. A drunk little birdie told us this is the first of three videos from three different artists that have their stories intertwine. I don’t think that kind of event has happened previously in country music and if so we are DAMN sure the party wasn’t as fun as this one.

Check the video out and share it with your kinfolk n’ them.  It’s getting chilly outside but this video is keeping country music red HOT.

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