Soak Up Every Second of Lauren Davidson’s New Single

Bradley Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor

Country music isn’t just rooted in the South. In fact, lots of the Northeast region of the country loves country music, including New York City based singer/songwriter Lauren Davidson. With a style she calls “Urban Country,” she has quickly built her brand of music to new heights and she did so with songs like recently released single “Soaking Up Every Second.”

Photo by Justin Aharoni

Released on September 27th, “Soaking Up Every Second” is about living in the moment and not worrying so much about the future, something we all probably wish we could do a little better. For many working in this industry, it’s very hard to not worry about the future but Davidson continues to remind herself to just be appreciative of what she already has. “It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and wish time away looking forward to the next and the next. When Adam (McDonough) and I wrote this song, it was our reminder to live life in the moment and soak it all in.” She recently performed this song at the Dulce Vida Lounge in NYC. Check it out below:

Whether you’re a college student like me, or have a family to raise and are worrying about what’s coming next, it’s important to stay grounded and remind yourself that what’s happening in the present is all that matters to an extent and “Soaking Up Every Second” helps remind us of that in lyrical fashion. As we begin to wind down 2019, Davidson will be touring the Northeast as well as in South Dakota at the end of this month, where she will join the stage with Diamond Rio. To get a full list of dates and other news, visit her website or on Instagram (@LaurenDavidsonmusic) and Twitter (@laurendamusic) and be sure to download “Soaking Up Every Second.”



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