Matt Jordan Offers an Escape From Heartbreak in New Single “Never Look Back”

Stacie HestandRaised Rowdy Contributor

Three years after the release of singles “Chicago” and “Take the Lead”, Missouri-based singer/songwriter Matt Jordan is further developing his heartland-country-rock sound in his new single “Never Look Back”. Evocative of the archetypical music of Springsteen and Mellencamp that so many of us revere, Jordan’s lyrics capture that reckless post-heartbreak feeling with pinpoint accuracy.

Citing his inspiration for the song, he explains: “Several years ago, I was at an event with a bunch of friends. One of our friends had just gone through a breakup and she was hurting pretty bad. Everyone else in our group was kind of paired off at the time and I watched her spend most of her night standing at the bar, drinking Moscow mules, just kind of watching everyone else she’d come with have a good time while she was trying to enjoy herself in the middle of this breakup. Watching that, I came up with the first line of the first verse, ‘Got your back to the bar/you’re sipping on something too heavy/Watching people dance by/leaning hard into a memory'”.

Building on that, lines like “small talk turns into dreamin’ about leaving this town” and “redemption don’t come to this side of the tracks” pull listeners in with a backstory, conveying the virtual weight of the baggage carried in this scenario. In this case, a distraction comes in the form of Jordan’s euphonious vocals teasing a way out, as the chorus beckons: “ …when you’re ready we can run away/trade this haunted downtown/leave the ghosts in the dust cloud of yesterday”. Throughout the track, the melody of the guitar and drums add to the allure of the quintessentially American image of escaping on a wide open highway with “a lead right foot and a full tank of gas”.

This release also represents a fresh start for Jordan himself. “‘Never Look Back’ is one of hundreds of songs I’ve written in the last few years. But I haven’t released anything new in 3 years and to me, the feel of this song and the title set up a new chapter for us perfectly. I’ve got a new band, we have a ton of new music coming and this song kind of tells people where we’re going. Sonically, this is what I’m writing these days. And the title is perfect for where we’re at. We’re at the beginning of a new chapter, with new guys, looking at things in a different way…We’re starting over. Focusing on moving forward and never looking back.”

All in all, this single proves one thing – taking some time away from putting out new music hasn’t slowed Matt Jordan down one bit.  With a voice that somehow remains both raspy and velvet-smooth and his notable songwriting ability, he’s definitely going to be someone to keep an eye (and ear) on in the near future. If you haven’t already, check out his previous releases on Spotify and head over to his website afterwards, where you can read the stories behind his other songs.

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