Jericho Woods Releases An Enjoyable Moment In Time Experience With Their EP – Fare Thee Well

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder

A lot of bands and people in general seem afraid to show their age. Often younger or newer is sexy, it is what people thing they want. But really in the end age isn’t what matters, fulfillment is. Being happy and content can seem like a cop out when you have goals that you are reaching for, but if you never take time to just be proud of what you have made and take a step back you will never get to enjoy the moments you are creating.

On their new EP Fare Thee Well Josh and the band speak about stories like this. Real life, real people, real Country music.

The first track, aptly titled “35” speaks about what it is like to be 35.  And while that age might not relate to everyone based on where they are in life, the message of the song really hits home with all ages. “Nobody talks about 35. I feel like I just became a man. Yeah I finally figured out why I’m alive and I put my problems in the good lord’s hand”. This track speaks about watching your children playing and really letting life resonate for where you are at.  Weather its 25, 35 or 65 it is about realizing your blessings and saying thank you to those that support you. The track kind of introduces you to what we think is the overarching theme of the record, figuring out where you are even if you aren’t exactly where you thought you would be. Love and joy, decisions and honestly to yourself and others. The things that make country folk country.

The next track “Middle Of Nowhere” delves into the small town life.  How it keeps you humble and how no matter how big some people might think you are, the people that really know you will always remind you about that time you did something really dumb when you were fifteen.  They won’t ever get the idea of you chasing a dream, putting it all on the line when a good job and consistent work seems like the easy choice.  The track has that slow winding fiddle that we love on Jericho Woods tracks.  A song about the realness of chasing your dreams and small town life.

“I Will Find You” touches on that feeling of an aching of the heart looking for that special someone. Depth in your feelings, expressed through emotional outburst and dedicating yourself to getting the right person in your life.  Plenty of times you have this idea about who someone is, or more so who you want someone to be.  This pleading track highlights the never ending need for love. Regardless of age or where you are in life.

The last track is an instrumental jaunt down a country road. Titled “Nervous Breakdown” where the music itches forward in a country way. You can hear Josh and the band exiting stage right as this plays to end a killer live show.  They let the music do the talking and honestly this is about as Jericho Woods of a song as you could ask for.

So the next time you think about those grey hairs creeping into your hair or that slight ache in your knee from those years of playing football just remember life is what you make it.  Take some time, kiss your family, thank a friend, listen to some DAMN Jericho Woods and realize the blessings you have.

Jericho Woods is real country music made by real country folk who aren’t afraid to talk about life and how it shapes you. And for that we hope they always continue to make music just like this EP.

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